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Monday, August 30, 2004
YET ANOTHER DOSE of advocacy journalism on Four Corners tonight, from one of its leading practitioners, Debbie Whitmont, who puts her camera at the disposal of the al Sadr faction in Iraq.

You might have thought that al Jazeera had that market tied up. Auntie feels more needs to be done.

Unable to orchestrate any throat-cuttings, and prudently avoiding that form of terminal interview with her heroes herself, Whitmont has to resort to extended vox pops with a small selection of stroke-pals selected on the basis of criteria that were not revealed to us, except by what they had to say.

The message is simple: all Iraqis want the Yanks out immediately, al Sadr is everyone's hero, Aussies go home.

Debbie's most famous piece of political activism was the Four Corners advocacy on illegal entrants, Inside Story. Paul Sheehan's analysis of that disgrace was devastating.

Next: Debbie does Gaza - the heroes of Hamas.