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Monday, August 30, 2004
ON YESTERDAY'S sardonically titled The National Interest, Pastor Terry Lane was moaning about the restrictions imposed on him and his ABC colleagues by this confounded election (don't look for a transcript).

Must they really balance their stroke-pals, like Wilkie, Valder, Deegan and Hewson, with tiresome people from the Liberal side?

Here's a better way to demonstrate Auntie's impartiality during the campaign. Take all of Auntie's dishonest serial commentators off the air for the duration.

Time for a Retreat, Pastor. Pay for your own phone bills, Phil Adams. Find another form of therapy, Max-weird McCutcheon! Let them buy time on commercial radio like the other campaigners.

It would be net gain for public understanding, and an enormous boost for the residue of Auntie's political credibility.