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Friday, August 13, 2004
MONDAY'S DEMONSTRATION on Life Matters, of the link between political and scientific credulousness, has produced a codicil on this morning's program. You may recall that Life Matters took seriously a paper claiming to present evidence for the existence of magic carpets in the middle east, and to explain their mode of operation.

Amid a welter of jokey obfuscation, Presenter McCrossin shifted responsibility for this remarkable contribution to Science Week to her producer, and to the author. By doing so McCrossin confirms that a basic education and elementary intelligence are not required to get a licence for serial commentary on their ABC.

Our hoaxer claimed to be practising post-modern fiction, and asserted a spiritual affinity with such literary greats of magic realism as Jorge Luis Borges. As any twat can these days.

No-one came out of it looking good but the real damage was to the residue of Auntie's credibility.

I wonder if it will get a mention on Media Watch?