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Monday, August 30, 2004
JOHN HEWSON may be the greatest fool to have led the Liberal Party in living memory, but he is a useful fool. Auntie's current affairs manipulators use him as a token Liberal to put up against the latest Labor Party hack.

Today, on The World Today (transcript tonight or tomorrow), Hewson is put up against ex-Senator Susan Ryan.

Hewson has a mind of his own, and is no friend of John Howard. Ryan, on the other hand, is a Party hack. She simply pushes the Labor election band-wagon. To do otherwise would require thought, integrity and energy, none of which she demonstrated as her Ministerial career languished towards its premature end.

Expect to hear John Hewson again in the course of this campaign, at least on Auntie's panels of outside commentators. Not to mention John Valder.