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Monday, August 30, 2004
ANDREW WILKIE IS ANOTHER AUNTIE FAVOURITE you can expect to hear more often than any rational estimation of his importance would suggest.

As the hopeless Greens candidate for Bennelong Wilkie has about the same claim on public attention as my mad Uncle Bert, who used to think a big smile, Brylcreem and a bow tie were all that was needed to win him admiration and votes.

Uncle Bert's jokes were sharper than Wilkie's. How about these.

The Greens are now a mainstream Party because 'they are attracting people like me". And this:

'I am not just conducting a vendetta against John Howard. If the electors throw him out they'll be electing me'.

If you want to check my paraphrase of this incomparable candidate's performance on The World Today, you do that. It's on today's The World Today.