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Friday, July 09, 2004
YOU JUST CAN'T WIN with the Auntie-Henny axis's commentariat.

In Auntie's PM, Louise Yaxley called in the lethal "some" to condemn John Howard for policy making by plagiarising from Mark Latham.
There was no opportunity to ask the Prime Minister what he meant by those comments, which were seen by some as an attempt to occupy a little of the ground which Mark Latham has taken with his views on boys in society.

Henny's Louise Dodson found nothing in Howard's headland speech that he hadn't said nine years ago, when Mark Latham was still punching his way up the Labor ranks.
His policy framework and philosophy has changed little in almost 10 years - as evidenced by a perusal of his speeches going back to 1995 when he became the opposition leader.
Perhaps the Coalition 'dirt unit' was already taking notes of the young guru's wise utterances, even then.

Dodson, who writes as if she were already a Labor Minister's flack, further substantiates the Latham 'dirt unit' conspiracy theory, while admitting she, as Henny's 'Chief Political correspondent' has no evidence of such activity in the Coalition.
Latham has promised an independent Speaker in Parliament's House of Representatives, more effective freedom of information legislation and an end to the so-called "dirt units" of government staffers who monitor and dig up material to be used against political opponents.

(I would like to put on the record that I have never received any material relating to the personal lives of MPs, including Mark Latham, from the Government.)