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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It's not clear who Michael Moore is representing at the Democrats' convention, his own firm, Fat Lies Inc., or the al Jazeera hacks who
follow him about like some species of coprophagic crow.

The good news is that the more Moore excites the class-war distopians of the US left, the harder it is for John Kerry to win the middle ground. As the polls
may be indicating.   
Meanwhile, an averaging of eight head-to-head opinion polls finds that the presidential race is hairbreadthily close: Kerry at 45.6 percent, Bush at 44.5 percent, with Ralph Nader at 2.9. Which is to say, while issues-polling shows the makings of an anti-incumbent landslide, the weakness of Kerry's persona is yet making this a close contest.
Moore reminds people, as David Frum does (free registration required)  that the Dems are not the party of the US middle ground.  
Today's Democratic Party is the party of America's poorest people and of its very richest. (Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, George Soros and Donald Trump are all for Kerry. So is almost all of Hollywood and most of Wall Street. Kerry will probably win at least eight of the 12 richest zip codes in America. The four per cent of voters who described themselves to pollsters in 2000 as "upper class" decisively favoured Al Gore over George W Bush.)