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Monday, July 05, 2004

From The 7.30 Report:
If there was something for Iraqis to celebrate in this handover
Kerry O'Brien gave us no clue to his reasons for supposing the Iraqis, who hate foreign occupation, as Auntie often tells us, should not welcome a sovereign Iraqi government.

As has been the case in Iraq virtually since the end of the war, uncertainty prevails, with no clear detail of the way forward.
There's a written constitution, a date for democratic elections, UN endorsement, etc. Just how much certainty, and about what, is required for Auntie not to highlight the uncertainty.
As Iraqis still absorb the news and wait to see how real their sovereignty will be in practice
Iraq's sovereignty has been recognised by the UN, and is underwritten by the widespread endorsement of the new government by Iraqi political interests.

If the presence of foreign security forces makes sovereignty impossible, then Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and even Germany, are not sovereign, since all rely to greater or lesser degree on US security guarantees, and host US military.