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Sunday, July 25, 2004
MY SEARCH  for the anti-Latham dirt unit was half a success.
I found lots of dirt, but all the units have migrated to the Gold Coast.
Perhaps I should have stayed home, where awaiting me was evidence of a conspiracy to undermine Mark Latham from within his own camp.  

 Some Beazley agent must have written a script dumping most of Latham's dump-the-US Alliance agenda. Here's a report of it:

Latham specifically supported the Howard Government's decision to invoke the ANZUS treaty following the terrorist attacks on the US of September 11, 2001. He also backed Howard's decision to commit the Australian Defence Force to the war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

Latham pledged that "should another attack" on the US occur from "an identifiable source", a Labor government would be "prepared to support similar action". ...

All up in Mark II, a Labor government would retain about 400 troops in, or directly defending, Iraq. The message from Mark II is that Latham is only committed to withdrawing Australian headquarters staff, Hercules transport aircraft and crew, the air traffic control detachment (scheduled to return to Australia shortly), army and navy training teams and miscellaneous others.


Poor Mark can't have noticed in time, because he delivered the lot to a meeting of the
Australian Institute of International Affairs on July 12th.