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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
AUNTIE'S CONTRIBUTION  to the pre-publicity for the Australian release of Michael Moore's filmic confabulation was a debate between George Monbiot and Christopher Hitchins.
It was no contest as a debate, with Monbiot's wide-eyed bigotry as impervious to criticism from Hitchins as it is to self-criticism. 
Monbiot, like so many on the left, supports those practising terror against the new Iraq, provided they're indigenous. As a "red-blooded" chap he was sure that, were he an Iraqi, he would join them.
Monbiot ignored the obvious implications.
1. Most Iraqis, who do not support the Baathist or Islamist Iraqi factions, are not true Iraqis, by Monbiotian standards.
2. Monbiot himself would have supported a Nazi insurgency in Germany after VE Day, had one emerged.
Apart from this Pilgerian viciousness, which he shares with Moore, Monbiot attempted no defence of the content of Moore's propaganda work. Instead he claimed it had great value for showing film of Bush moments that the conspiratorial media had suppressed.  Monbiot so admired Moore's work that he joined in the audience's applause at the screening he attended.
It is surprising, but shouldn't be, that these groupies have forgotten the lessons that early Soviet film-maker Sergei Eisenstein taught the world eighty years ago. Images can be taken out of context and re-connected in new sequences to serve any propagandist purpose the film editor desires. Much harder to do it with words.  Moore is just the latest, and one of the least scrupulous, practitioners of propaganda film-making.

Hitchins's demolition of this nonsense was clinical.
Michael Moore has said openly and repeatedly that he is on the other side in this war, that he regards what he calls the Iraqi resistance as the 'just' side in the battle.He thinks that they are the equivalent of the American revolutionary fighters of 1776 and that they will win which, I will conclude by saying, makes it a bit much for him to gather up for his own purposes the tears and the grief of American widows and mothers whose sons have been killed by people who he openly proclaims his kinship with.
  A transcript well worth reading.