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Sunday, June 27, 2004
YOU JUST CAN'T RELY ON ANYTHING in this mad, mad world of Latham Labor. Except that, when his back is to the wall, Mark Latham will put up something even crazier than his last outburst.

A federal Labor government will make the Liberal Party pay back any money for current advertising that is found to be political
Latham promises in his latest excursion into loony land.

I'm taking bets now for Latham's choice of who is to decide what is 'political' and what isn't. Options include the High Court (it would get the job in the end, anyway), HREOC, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, the Labor Caucus, and a focus group selected from the western suburbs of Sydney.

Let's help mad Mark out. When you're faced with a Paul Kelly comment like this:
A true leader when he takes an unpopular decision fronts the media to explain and to show his people how to defend it. Latham ran away - and that is a sign of weakness unworthy of his real self
and Labor's most distinguished office-holder, Premier Bob Carr advising your colleagues
to exercise the "utmost diplomacy" on withdrawing troops from Iraq
you're in real trouble.

Meanwhile, Labor sources are making it known that Latham's backdown on the Medicare increases is a non-core broken promise, and will be restored to a promise sometime in the future.