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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Auntie's The World Today, today:
Despite the ongoing concern over prisoner abuse in Iraq, along with the public outcry over MPs' travel entitlements the Government has finally regained the lead over the Opposition, in the latest newspoll. It surged six points ahead on a two-party preferred vote, to an election winning position.

How about "Because of the left's obsession with pinning complicity in torture on Australian forces, and because no-one in his/her right minds believes that Trish Draper is any more indulgent in her use of travel expenses than Opposition MPs, and because they suspect the Opposition is reverting to type on managing the economy and the budget, the electorate is inevitably drawing the conclusion that Latham Labor is not fit to govern."

My spin's as good as yours Auntie, and better at explaining that 6% government lead in Newspoll.