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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

On Radio National's AM this morning Peter Thompson, or his scriptwriters, promised us a story of former supporters of the invasion of Iraq, who have seen the light after Abu Ghraib.
"there's a noticable erosion of support from some of the most respected thinkers and opinion makers" we were promised.

"Michael, you've changed your view, haven't you" crows our cocky host, introducing Michael Ignatieff, Professor of Human Rights at Harvard.

"Not fundamentally" says Ignatieff. He still supports liberating the people of Iraq, and thinks Iraqi WMDs were a danger, but exaggerated.

Well, that leaves Thompson half right.

"William [Shawcross], you're still a true believer".

"What do you mean?" responds Shawcross. Auntie should really give her guest talents dumbing-down lessons before they face her serial commentators.

Having been granted a translation, Shawcross considers Saddam's WMDs were "an inevitable threat if not an imminent one". And he quotes Clinton sounding just like George W.

But for a misplaced cigar, Clinton may well have pre-empted George W. in Iraq.

That's the trouble with news programs. They can, despite the best planning (see post below) get out of control.