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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
OUR AUNTIE JULIE SURE KNOWS how to rip the arms off dissenters.

This morning's Life Matters (not yet on-line) marches to the defence of PC Playschool, the television program for tomorrows infants.

Controller McCrossin ridicules the critics before she even introduces their lone representative, Janet Albrechtsen.

'Why are all these people watching Playschool. They should be watching Lateline' she tells her audience.

In other words it's a non-issue.

Token conservative Albrecht is then put up against a token Auntie-supporter . But the second guest is unnecessary. Every Albrechtsen comment is pounced on by McCrossin, with occasional validation from the Friend.

The ABC line on their endorsement of parenting by lesbian couples is simple: our broadcaster is simply reflecting the society it serves.

McCrossin simply ignores Albrechtsen's attempts to explore just how the communards decide which aspects of children's circumstances they will reflect. Child neglect and abuse, church attendance, terminal cancer, these and much more are part of our children's lives. How much of it is reflected in Playschool?

Leave it to parents, or for older children who can deal with it intelligently, is Albrechtsen's reasonable appeal.

It's all uphill, as Kevin Donnelly makes clear in today's Australian:
Start with the Australian Education Union, a strong advocate of a politically correct approach to gender. Under the heading Sex Education, the union's policy paper argues that gays, lesbians and transgender individuals have a right to teach sex education and that such learning should be "positive in its approach".

National and state English teachers associations are also strong advocates of the gender agenda. Since the late 1990s, conferences as well as official publications such as English in Australia have sought to undermine more traditional approaches. One issue is entitled Gender and Sexuality and the journal showcases articles such as: Boys and Literacy: Exploring the Construction of Hegemonic Masculinities and Only Your Labels Split Me: Interweaving Ethnicity and Sexuality in English Studies.

The teachers' colleges and universities sold the pass years ago, when ideologues were given free rein to push their doctrines through courses in gender and cultural studies. Their products are now running the schools and other cultural agencies like Auntie. They can't imagine anyone sincerely objecting to their work.

I'll tell you something that is not reflected in Playschool's story of Brenna and her 'two mums'. Brenna's father; whether his contribution was made naturally or artificially.