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New Criterion



Thursday, June 10, 2004

Parachute Pete Garrett has now publicly aimed himself at the
electorate of Kingsford Smith, but doesn't expect to land until after he's elected.

There was a small embarrassment just after Pete had left the plane.
He's not on the electoral roll.
The electoral commission has no record of the Labor Party's star recruit voting in the past three federal elections, or in the referendum on the republic.

Mark Latham has thrown the parachute after the jumper. He should catch it before he reaches the ground, but it won't be a smooth landing.

According to Pete this is the wrong planet.

Later: At his press conference this morning, Garrett declares his candidacy 'a great day for the ALP and, I hope, for the country'. But he has changed his mind on closing Pine Gap, which is essential to the war on terror. In exchange, Mark Latham has promoted Garrett to his front bench. Caucus had better agree.

Garrett's credbility now stands or falls on his claim that he was able to vote absentee in 1996 and 1999 despite not being on the electoral roll.