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Sunday, June 27, 2004
THE NO SADDAM LINKS TO AL QUAIDA story attributed to the 9/11 Commission's interim report was not only wrong, but culpably wrong, according to Mark Steyn.
A couple of days later [after the Commission released its interim report], on June 21, commission member John Lehman went on "Meet the Press" and mentioned a lieutenant-colonel in Saddam's Fedayeen who had significant ties to al-Qaida, including sitting in on a three-day meeting in Malaysia in January 2001 with several of the 9/11 hijackers. This, said Lehman, is "new intelligence, and this has come since our staff report has been written."

Really? I mentioned the lieutenant-colonel in question in a column in the Australian a month ago.
And so he did, on June 3rd, but The Australian has cut the link unless you want to pay.

Others had reported the story earlier, like The Wall Street Journal.

And Russian sources, through President Putin, concluded
the commission investigating the September 11 attacks didn't quite paint a full picture of the situation in Iraq two years ago.

The Russian source said intelligence services here didn't have any evidence to dispute the commission's conclusion. But it did have information that Saddam Hussein posed a serious threat to the United States.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now confirmed that intelligence. He says Russian agents had received information that Iraq's special forces were preparing terrorist attacks on the United States, and on its military bases around the world.

VLADIMIR PUTIN (translated): Russian special services received such information several times and passed it on to their American colleagues.