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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
MICHAEL DUFFY'S RIGHT VS. LEFT confrontation on his Counterpoint program was a real dud.

How could it have been otherwise?

We had to speak for conservatism paleocon Owen Harries, a thoughtful and well-educated man with truckloads of policy experience here and in the US.

And then we had Phillip Gastropod Adams.

And also someone's girl-friend, an arts administrator and, as you would expect, an unreflective, left-wing motormouth.

I don't need to tell you the discussion made no progress at all.

Our Gastropod tried to slime over the differences of policy and ideology by claiming brotherhood with Harries (who, by no coincidence, is against the unseating of Saddam Hussein) and the late Bob Santamaria.

What alternative did he have? He could hardly attempt a case in support of his prejudices in the presence of a competent thinker.

Adams came as near to defining what he means by his leftism when he described it as "a feeling". Or, to put the matter plainly, unexamined prejudice. As you already knew.

Michael, if you set the discussion up in this way then slap your wrist very hard. If it was your minders, get them moved on before they get you moved out.