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Sunday, June 27, 2004
MARGO KINGSTON A CLOSET LIBERAL, driven reluctantly by Iraq to criticise her former hero, according to a local ABC radio presenter in Brisbane. And it got worse. This is what reader PT heard:
I was on the floor again shortly after when she suggested that the best way to help stop the federal governments supposed threat to democracy was to write to the ABC's Media Watch, a show run by David Marr, who's vitriolic hatred of the conservative side of politics is well documented in his books and writings over a long period.
It's called cross-promotion. Its opposite is the Henny Herald-ABC Concordat to suppress the views of anyone to the right of the Labor left.

Reader A had another report from the same Friday, 9.00am-10.00am broadcast:
I'm told she and the hosts were prattling about wicked Howard, shocking invasion of Iraq, call this a democracy? and so forth, when an Iraqi woman rang them up and gave them an emotional burst telling them they didn't appreciate this glorious democracy of ours and on and on for five minutes or more. My excited informant, perhaps hearing what he wanted to hear, thought he heard her even praise Howard or our intervention in Iraq.

Then she was cut off - there was a hestitation - and Margo and crew resumed their prattle as if nothing at all had been said.
There's no verifying these reports, but you can't say any of it is surprising.