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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
A LIMITED CRITICISM of our post-modern left historians from reader WC, who faults Reynolds and Co on their ethnocentrism.
I am waiting to hear Henry's and Bain's confirmation that today's Jews are perfectly right to claim back Judea and Samaria from which they were most unjustly expelled by the Romans (though the Canaanites, whose walls were trumpeted down by those earlier Jews, might have cause to differ).

Franks back across the Rhine, please--France for the Gauls! Asterix, oops, Vercingetorix rules!

Lombards out of Milan. Turks back to Turkmenia.

Greeks back to Byzantium.

Palefaces out of the Americas. Blacks, too--you weren't invited.

Zulus out of South Africa--make way for the Hottentots.

And so it goes.
If WC were less ethnocentric himself he might have added the aboriginal peoples of south-east Asia to his list of plaintiffs at the court of historical justice.

Blame his teachers.