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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
IT WAS A MASSACRE of the major parties in the Euro-elections in the UK this past weekend, and one commenting party is not upset.
Well, they may be Little Englanders, but they're getting bigger, and the big parties are getting littler. In Sunday's results, the only two governing parties most Britons have ever known couldn't muster 50 per cent of the vote between them....

What, other than the blinkers of the media-political Westminster village, makes 32.6 per cent the fringe and 33.9 per cent the mainstream?

From the following aside, you can guess the identity of the author (free registration required): Pim Fortuyn got gunned down by a crazed vegetarian, the first fruitarian to kill a fruit Aryan.

Later: in Germany the Euro-election results were even worse for the socialists, with the SPD's vote down to 22%, their lowest vote post-war, according to DMK. The CDU showed Britain's Conservatives how to do it, increasing their vote to 45%.