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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
HENNY HERALD'S POLITICAL ALLIES came out of the woodwork today, and what a weird agglomeration they are.

This, according to the paid advertisement on page 11, under the heading Stop the Police-State Anti-Terrorism Bill 2004, is Henny's call to arms:
Much of this legislation [the federal government's anti-terrorism laws] has passed unhindered except for some temporary resistance from minor parties in the Senate. [The Labor left and the national media have been] strangely quiet...The present climate makes it harder for liberal voices to be raised... but they must be.

Who are these 'liberal voices'?

*our favourite mufti, al Hilaly, with other fellow-travellers with Islamism, notably Keysar Trad, officers of the Lebanese Muslim Association and the Islamic Societies of Victoria and NSW, and representatives of Arab and Palestinian organisations.

*sundry officers of the more thuggish left-wing unions.

*an assortment of pacifist activists and 'human shields'.

*a handful of artists, former politicians, and ex-General Peter Gration.

*various officers and fellow-travellers of the Citizens Electoral Council, the lunar right organisation that organised the advertisement.

Now which of you has said that talk of an alliance of extreme-left and Islamism was fanciful?

And don't forget the far right.