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Wednesday, June 16, 2004
The former chief of the Australian Defence Force, General Peter Gration, yesterday distanced himself from a petition he signed on behalf of an allegedly anti-Semitic organisation linked to the extreme right-wing American Lyndon LaRouche political cult.

The Melbourne-based Citizens Electoral Council paid $30,000 to publicise the petition, headed "Stop the police-state Anti-Terrorism Bill 2004."

It seems the General was not only ignorant when he signed the petition, he was also asleep. These are his reasons for signing a petition against our anti-terrorism legislation:
General Gration had agreed to the use of his name on the petition because of his concerns about the legitimisation of the detention of terrorist suspects by the US and the detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Another reason was his opposition to the establishment of a military commission to put the terrorist suspects on trial.
The islamists who signed the petition see no reason to distance themselves from the CECs:
Sheikh Fehmi said he knew of allegations that the CEC was anti-Semitic but had checked and found that they had done nothing against the Jewish community. He said the allegations were not fact.