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Monday, June 07, 2004
AUNTIE'S TREATMENT OF REAGAN'S DEATH, on her TV news and 7.30 Report tonight, demonstrated the truth of this observation:
It should be remembered today that the vicious caricature of the amiable dunce that dogged Reagan throughout his political career originated in great part not from any bumbling or forgetfulness on his part, but from what the media and political establishment regarded as the sheer outrageousness of his political views. In the eyes of the elite, Reagan was primitive and limited primarily because he lacked the sophistication and intelligence necessary to see that the United States and the Soviet Union were essentially the same; talk of good and evil, or of the rights of man, was only rhetorical fodder for the lumpenproletariat, nothing more.

On the news segment we were presented with gracious condescension from Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. The message: Reagan was a great communicator. Or, as we would say today, good at spin.

Jill Colgan on the 7.30 report, found Reagan "a conundrum", for much the same reason. How had presentation so triumphed over lack of substance?

Only the comment from Gorbachev gave any hint of why Reagan's Presidency is regarded by commentators, rather than ideologues, as equal to FD Roosevelt's in significance for the US and the world.

Another shocker of a performance from the communards.