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Thursday, May 20, 2004

When it's directed at the Great Satan, according to Henny Herald today.

The alleged Australian Taliban fighter David Hicks received a prolonged beating from US military personnel during an interrogation soon after his capture in Afghanistan.

If Hicks was not a Taliban thug, but just a tourist in the wrong place at the wrong time, then we would reasonably have more concern about the vigour of his interrogation than I feel.

The David Hicks of public record was no stranger to violence. "The staff used to do yard duty in pairs and have walkie-talkies back to the main staff room" at Hicks's high school, according to its Principal, Mr Turner. "He said he dressed like a drug addict, wearing Megadeath black T-shirts below flannelette shirts, and was part of a group that intimidated teachers."

According to the David Hicks fan site,
The 27-year-old was captured fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

although spokesperson Trudy Hicks concedes only that "he was travelling with Taliban soldiers who were defending their territory from the Northern Alliance".

Taliban Tourism, the latest in adventure travel, really takes you where the action is.

Meanwhile, allegations against terrorist suspect Jack Roche are considered by Auntie and Henny to be so frail that they are lucky to rate a mention.

Auntie's on-line news service has ignored day two of the Roche trial completely.

Henny Herald gives it a single column on page three.

Well, he only wanted to kill Jews, unless others were stupid enough to be standing in the way.