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Thursday, May 20, 2004
WE'RE ALL SPIES NOW according to David Hardaker.

DAVID HARDAKER: I've got some news for you – we're not alone.Somebody else is listening

A spy is anyone who listens to or watches an ABC program without endorsing communard politics.

I've been called worse. And it's nice to see the left prepared to share its alienation with the rest of us.

Hardaker thinks that the Rehame researchers should explain their methodology:
How it aims to do this we don't know – nobody from Rehame was available to talk to us. So it seems while they're happy to listen to us, they don't want to speak to us... but then, life can be like that.

Sure can, David. We know you wouldn't want the opportunity to bias the results, so wait for the report that your union insists should never be written.

In the meantime, Hardaker calls in the union to attack Rehame.
PAT O'DONNELL: The company intended to move people away from the award payments, the method of payment of people, and put them onto what we described in the Industrial Relations Commission as "sham contracts".

DAVID HARDAKER: So what hourly rate did the MEAA consider these people were being paid?

PAT O'DONNELL: Well it varied, but it was certainly performance based and it could be as little as $3 an hour up to – depending on how fast you were – up to $4, $4.50 an hour.

Now, is that powerful journalism or not?

And are you re-assured about Auntie's objectivity?