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Monday, May 24, 2004
SPEAKING OF DISGUST, as I was two blogs ago, Mark Gasnier, the latest rugby boofhead to think with his dick, has revealed some remarkable double standards in the media's treatment of obscenity.

Auntie, who still remembers the days before she went a-whoring, refused to let us hear Gasnier's words:
MARK GASNIER: ---- where the ---- are ya? There's four toey humans in a cab. Twenty to four outside ---- (inaudible) ---- ready to spurt sauce. And you're in bed. ---- me, fire up you sad ----."

Henny Herald's Paul Sheehan lets us have the full blast, which you can read for yourself.

Right wing bastard Andrew Bolt points out the different standards progressive people apply to obscenity when practised by sporting boofheads and progressive artists. And how, in Catharine Lumby's case, a consultant's fee can promote a more egalitarian kind of approval of misbehaviour.