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Monday, May 24, 2004
SOME DETAILED ANALYSIS of the 'wedding party' that was attacked by US forces in Iraq can be found in this post and others at the Belmont Club.

Included among the sources is this quote from a soldier, Jarob Walsh, who was a target of an attack by Iraqi 'insurgents'.
It was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. We were in the middle of Baghdad on a main highway being attacked; there were buildings all around us, and people in the buildings firing weapons at us. I looked off to the left at a frontage road and I saw nine cars in rows of three. There was a line of women in front of all the cars, and some of them had children with them. I thought they were just watching us get attacked, and then men started popping up behind them firing at us - they were using the women as shields!! It took me a second to realize that. They were standing on the hoods of the cars behind the women and children; it shocked the hell out of me. Then we started getting hit with small arms fire, which sounded like golf balls hitting metal. I started firing back at them but I couldn’t get passed the women; they were all I could hit, and they started falling down. The men turned around and ran back behind the cars to fire. ...

This is not the first time that people killed in US attacks have been said to be members of a wedding party, and not the first time the use of AK47s in the vicinity of coalition troops has been excused as part of a wedding celebration.
the driver of the car, said they were not shooting at the troops but merely firing their AK-47 rifle in the air after celebrating at a wedding party.

The evidence in the latest case points to a carefully-targeted military operation.

As General Kimmitt noted: "Bad people have celebrations too. Bad people have parties too."

And bad people have women and children, and know how to use them.