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Friday, May 14, 2004

Basra or Birmingham, it's all the same truth according to the Editor of the UK Daily Mirror, when it was established the truck shown in his photographs of alleged mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners had never left Britain.

There were immediate calls in Parliament for Piers Morgan, the editor of The Daily Mirror, to resign and for the paper to publish a front-page apology. Mr. Ingram said "those involved" in faking the photos "may have committed criminal offenses under military laws."

In a statement on behalf of The Mirror, Mr. Morgan defended the newspaper by arguing that because some members of the regiment are under investigation for brutal beatings, including at least one that led to the death of a hotel clerk in the southern Iraqi city of Basra, the photos approximated real behavior.

"There is, of course, a much bigger issue here that we make no apology for highlighting," Mr. Morgan said, "which is that the pictures accurately illustrated the reality about the appalling conduct of some British troops."

Can I play too, Piers?

Your appalling lies put the lives of your troops in danger, which demonstrates a willingness kill. Isn't that near enough to murder, and shouldn't you go to gaol for it?

In the US, too, the bottom feeders of the media are sucking up some filth:
Meanwhile, a US newspaper apologised yesterday for printing a hoax photo of American soldiers raping Iraqi women.

And Saddam Hussein is to file a suit for war crimes against Britain at the International Criminal Court. That's one place you won't find these criminal editors.