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Thursday, May 20, 2004
MICHAEL DUFFY, the new Auntie talent, shares with his communard colleagues the curse of a newspaper column.

In the cases of Philip Adams and Terry Lane, the easy omniscience of a serial commentator deflates when the authors depend on their own wind-power. How does Duffy stand up?

On May 15, Duffy found this gem, an Australian Iraqi who has known the inside of Saddam's prisons:
These days Kazwini uses e-mail and the internet to communicate daily with people in Iraq. He is amazed at the persistent claims in the media here that most Iraqis have responded to the photos by turning on the American occupation.

Pity the Tele site doesn't let us read more than one week of Duffy.

The Australian, on the other hand, let's us have a gutful of drivel like this from Philip Adams:
Shakespeare is, by any measure, extraordinary. Though studied at every university, he never attended one. He didn’t own a radio, visit Web sites or watch television.

The archive of Gastropodian gush is unlimited in size, a Pacific ocean with a depth of 1mm.