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Thursday, May 06, 2004
JUST AS WELL it's an illegal, immoral, undeclared war in Iraq, or the Daily Mail might be facing more than embarrassment.

A POWERFUL committee of British MPs is expected to question Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan over the authenticity of photographs depicting alleged abuse of an Iraqi prisoner, with military commanders insisting the pictures are "fake".

The regiment involved is said to have given army investigators "killer facts" to demolish the allegations. The Commons Defence Select Committee will ask Mr Morgan today to identify the soldiers who handed the photographs to his newspaper.

Senior Mirror journalists indicated for the first time yesterday they were also having doubts over the authenticity of the pictures.

Piers Morgan, editor of the Daily Mail, who has sworn his story is watertight, thinks this is a bad outcome:

Mr Morgan said at the weekend he could lose his job if the pictures proved to be fake.

This being a family blog, I won't mention the alternatives that spring to mind for Mr Morgan.