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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
DON'T GIVE A TOOTH-FLOSS FOR THE TRIDENTINE MASS? Think Opus Dei is a cartoon character?

You should still listen to Stephen Crittenden's Religion Report.

Apart from the pleasure of listening to someone who knows his stuff and knows how to question, there are also aspects of our political life that the mainstream media rarely touch.

Today's treatment of the religiously-committed in politics was a good example.

Two Christian politicians show us very different aspects of the growing influence of traditional religion in politics.

John Ryan, Deputy Leader of the Liberals in the New South Wales Upper House, and Shadow Minister for Community Services is a Protestant with a mature idea of the limited role of faith in politics. David Clarke, MLC, collaborates with the secretive Catholic group Opus Dei.

Makes a pleasant change from the tedious chanting of the communard canticles.

And listen to Professor Peter Sheehan showing us all how to be done over and complain with dignity. He's head of the Australian Catholic University and the Chairman of his Board, Archbishop Pell, is promoting Notre Dame University to compete with him on his own turf.

Crittenden draws him along with Dentonesque style.

First class radio.