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Monday, May 17, 2004
DAVID MARR PLAYS THE SHOP-STEWARD tonight on his personal pulpit, Media Watch.

He channels the outrage of the staff-elected member of the Auntie Board, Ramona Koval, at Biffer Balding's decision to call in external reviews of ABC even-handedness.

Or perhaps Koval is conveying Marr's outrage to her fellow Board members.

Whatever. Like the teachers unions, the Auntie unions know that when you're the ruling class you don't want anyone looking over your shoulder.

Not that there's any question that bias exists on Auntie's political coverage, of course. Marr can quote a couple of Auntie-sponsored polls that prove it.

Marr neglects to mention that unfortunate finding by the recent external review that there were numerous instances of "serious bias" in her reporting.

No communard wants a repeat of independent scrutiny after that, so Balding needs to be slapped down.