Tim Blair


New Criterion



Thursday, May 20, 2004
AUNTIE'S HIGH-PRIEST OF DUMBING-DOWN, George Negus, is giving one of his trademark soft interviews to former conservative Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser tonight.

Amazing how communards who wouldn't have condescended to spit on Fraser after he brought down the Whitlam government are now welcoming him into their pulpits. Simply because he can be relied on to criticise the Howard government and the Bush Administration.

Negus is almost as repugnant as the Gastropod getting all stroke-pally with Bob Santamaria as that old war-horse of the right approached his end.

No doubt Adams and Negus think this resurrection of right-wing leasders in their latter days shows us how open they are to other ideas. In fact it shows the opposite.

Someone from the right of politics needs to be damn-near dead or senile to get a gig on Auntie.