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Monday, May 03, 2004
AT LAST AN EXPLANATION for the slaughter of the pregnant woman and her children in Gaza.

It was because their car bore a political campaign poster, according to Auntie's PM programme tonight.

And she was responsible for upsetting Palestinians in some tri-partite way.

MARK COLVIN: What about the killing of a settler woman, a pregnant woman and her three children yesterday? What was the aftermath of that? Presumably that's what brought on the rocketing?

JANE HUTCHEON: That's right. But basically one has to remember that what probably brought on or attributed to that attack taking place yesterday was that Gaza was closed. It was basically cut into three portions.

Now of course, that attack took place very close to the Gush Katif settlement which is one of those which will be evacuated if this engagement plan goes ahead, so of course there is symbolism in the attack which has absolutely horrified Israelis

But it's cool as far as Auntie is concerned:

MARK COLVIN: That woman was campaigning, she had a big poster on the front of her car for the no vote in the Likud poll about the pull out,

Mark and Jane wear their politics on their heads. We shoot them, OK?