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Monday, May 03, 2004
AMONG MANY INTERESTING findings to emerge from this Gallup poll (pdf file) of Iraqis is their media-consuming habits.

It's television first, radio a distant second and newspapers nowhere.

Of the television channels watched, al Jazeera is seen by about one third, compared with the 84% who watch the local Iraqi service. Abu Dhabi satellite and al Arabiya are right up there with al Jazeera.

It seems that al Jazeera is trusted in about the same proportion as it is watched, but it is also true that the number of viewers who think it supports the Iraqi people is about the same as the number who think it favours the Saddam Hussein regime (28 and 24% respectively). Perhaps it's the same people!

One clear message. The television-loving Iraqis like to use a variety of media sources to make their judgements.

And, as you know, 59% of them think that Iraq is better off than, or about the same as it was under Saddam.