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Friday, May 07, 2004
ABCWATCH READERS have heard before about Associate Professor Chris Nash
Director, Australian Centre for Independent Journalism at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Nash is one of those superannuated Auntie hacks too ideological for the media staffs of Labor frontbenchers, who are therefore obliged to find their future among the other ideologues who have taken over the softer faculties of our universities and quasi-universities.

In that position, you may recall, Nash allows Auntie to fill hours of commentary time with the voices of ideologues selected by Nash. The beauty of this conniving is that Auntie can deny that she is setting the agenda at all.

It's the political equivalent of clever accounting to shift liabilities and underperforming assets off balance sheets, thereby boosting profits. Clever old Auntie!

You would expect to find him spruiking on Auntie's op-ed spot, which operates under the post-modern title of "Perspective".

You might think Auntie would not stoop so far as allow this enemy of journalistic integrity, who denies that the concept of objectivity can mean more than 'disguise for your agenda', to speak on World Press Freedom Day.

If Nash's nihilistic philosophy is correct, then press freedom is an empty vanity. As he proceeds to demonstrate.

For Nash, Islamic terrorism and its war on what is left of western civilization is a myth created by the right for domestic political purposes:

What is the reaction among Islamic youth and parents to the arrest and solitary confinement of the 21 yr old student Izhar ul-Haque? How will it affect the longterm life and politics of that community if it becomes the butt of a Tampa election, Mark II, as the enemy within the gates. What are the social and economic structures of the non-Anglo communities, and how are they manifested in their politics?

You will note how the arrest of a would-be jihadi, largely on the evidence of his own hand, is claimed, by Nash, to be equivalent to labelling the entire Australian Islamic community. By lumping them in with ul-Haque it is the Nashs amongst us who label Muslims as supporters of terrorism, for their own political purposes.

Pity HREOC lacks the brains to see the vilification practised by the left. It might almost redeem them.

Journalists can’t escape their central role in the politics of knowledge, Nash promises.

Too right, when Chris Nash is setting the agenda.

(Thanks to reader PH for noticing.)