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Thursday, April 01, 2004
WHEN A PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST uses a public service broadcaster to punish his ideological enemies, you have to conclude that neither of them is doing the job we pay them for.

I am referring to Media Watch, of course, the personal pulpit for David Marr, who finds the pursuit of media malpractice too boring.

His most recent attacks on Greg Sheridan and Andrew Bolt have been answered by Sheridan and Bolt themselves.

But where is Biffer Balding, fearless defender of the integrity of the organisation he heads?

Where is the Chair of the ABC Board?

Perhaps you should ask them if they're awake (try "").

Remind them that one of their duties under their Act is:

to maintain the independence and integrity of the Corporation;

It is a regrettable fact that the Act gives the Board no explicit role in overseeing balance within the ABC's commentary. That's because the Act didn't expect anything like Radio National to infect our public broadcaster.

Time to catch up.