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Saturday, April 03, 2004

Spain's new capitulationist government was promised by the local al Quaida franchise that there would be a cease-fire.

A group claiming to have links with Al Qaeda says it is calling a truce in its Spanish operations to see if the new Spanish government would withdraw its troops from Iraq, a pan-Arab newspaper said.

The Islamists wanted a chance to evaluate the quality of the Spanish surrender, they said. They also had the opportunity to encourage the other European waverers to follow the Spanish example.

Then what do they do?

Spain was plunged into further terror crisis today when a bomb was discovered on a high speed rail line near Madrid that was being used by hundreds of people heading on holiday.

It seems that political victory is not enough, assuming the truce offer came from a source that really was linked to al Quaeda. Surely no reputable news agency would have spread the story if they doubted their source, considering the political climate in which it was made.

Have bomb, must murder, seems to be the Islamist slogan.

It's pretty rational, really. They know that nothing short of general mayhem will achieve their goals.