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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
BOB HAWKE HAS BEEN ON THE TURPS AGAIN, and fluffs his lines at a Latham-boosting fund-raiser.

Labor's longest-serving prime minister has backed Mark Latham's promise to bring Australia's troops home from Iraq by Christmas, and accused John Howard of putting Australia at more risk than ever.

You will be aware of Hawke's credibility in the war on Islamist terrorism. He was gung-ho for liberating Kuwait, but Iraq, or even Sydney, well it's more ho-hum.

Perhaps he's lunging for a spot on the Latham band-wagon, the poor old feather-duster.

"It's, er, time" he declares triumphantly, advocating a reprise of Good Gough's policy of withdrawing from the Vietnam commitment after the Coalition had already done so.

Oh Gawd, Bob.