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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Hardly had the Australian's Paul Kelly said

The position of Spain's new Socialist Government is not that of the ALP, which opposed the war but supports Australian forces in Iraq as part of the stabilisation process. If Spain does walk away, it helps the terrorist campaign to destroy Iraq's transition to constitutional order.

before Media Mark Latham made a fool of him.

Mark Latham has said he would like Australian troops home this year

Latham's security fence-mender, Kelvin Thompson, clarified things for us:

"It wouldn't be appropriate to bring them home tomorrow. I think it is a question of discharging that responsibility," Mr Thompson said.

He says "a proper handover to the Iraqi people, the establishment of an Iraqi regime with appropriate legitimacy" would be needed before the withdrawal of troops.

You wouldn't want to abandon a fledgling mid-east democracy that wasn't legitimate, would you.

Once it's got human rights and UN credibility, it's a case of "Go 'Sama, Go!".

Your average al Quaeda apparatchik doesn't need to be Barry Jones to join the remaining dots.

The smell of capitulation is wafting up from down under.

What a great target!