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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

It used to console us terminal insomniacs that at 5.30 am of a week day Auntie would broadcast repeats of those BBC comedies and witty gameshows that are now, like Alistair Cooke, lost to history.

No more. And reader Jeremy is left lamenting:

But, in their infinite wisdom, the management gurus at RN have decided to scrap these vignettes in favour of a half hour of repeats of the previous morning's Breakfast with Peter Whatshisname. Yes, rather than start the day with a chuckle and a reminder of to what entertaining ends a lifetime of accumulated knowledge can be put, RN decides to regurgitate yesterday's ephemera. Good one guys! I've now switched to NewsRadio for good.

The waste-land of Auntie TV provides no substitute, unless you're as knowledge-challenged as your typical Auntie presenter:

Auntie has created her own indigenous televised intelligence test, 'The Einstein Factor'. I watched it by accident on the weekend. I stayed for two minutes, but had to turn it off when the three people on the 'brainstrust' panel unanimously agreed that the answer to the question 'Who did England and France fight in the Crimean War?' was 'The Ottoman Empire'.

We were warned. One of the products of complacent political correctness is confidence that only attitude matters.

Knowledgable = Nerd. They both start with 'n'.