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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

We all know the diplomatic role Mr Trad plays for the Mufti of the Lakemba mosque, al Hilaly. If an ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country, Trad stays at home to lie when his leader is barracking for Islamic terror abroad.

According to a transcript of the Sheik's sermon obtained by the Australian Embassy in Lebanon and quoted by our Foreign Minister, the leader of Australia's Muslims had this to say:

"September 11 is God's work against oppressors.... Don't be surprised if one day you hear Allahu akbar ? Allah is great ? from the top of the White House.

Trad denied it, of course, offering no credible explanation.

It seems it isn't just Trad who plays this role.

Auntie's God-botherer-in-chief, Stephen Crittenden, has the gumption to put the issues squarely to the head of the Federation of Islamic Councils of Australia in today's Religion Report.

The good man, Dr Amir Ali, has the oppportunity to distance himself from Hilaly. Incomprehensibly, he fails to do so. He would rather imply that the Foreign Minister or the Embassy in Beiruit are making it up.

unless I see this transcript, and unless I get it cleared by Sheikh Hilaly, whether he has said the same thing, I will not be able to comment on what he has said.

So the head of the body representing all Australian Muslims makes himself another ambassador for the murderous mufti. God help Australia's Muslims.

Here's Crittenden's response. You'll never hear words like these from anyone else among the ABC's commentators, serial commentators or presenters:

Stephen Crittenden: Are we going to keep on with this thing of arguing that it’s the veracity of the reports that’s the issue? It does seem to me that there’s a great unwillingness on the part of the Muslim community, certainly the Muslim media, to openly debate this issue.

Crittenden has already been carpeted, and suspended from duty, for raising these issues on earlier programs, and for writing an opinion piece in the press (where Auntie's Gastropod Adams and Pastor Lane write regularly).

Let's see if, with the strong statement coming from the Prime Minister on this matter, Auntie's apparatchiks have the cheek to try to suppress Crittenden again.

This brings me to Biff. He's the one who denies any systematic bias in Auntie's politics, even when his own internal review finds serious instances. Mere slips of the tongue, it seems.

The problem for Biff is that his mullahs are numerous, and rarely broadcast in Arabic. As a result they reveal the direction of their jihad on a daily basis. None more so than Julie McCrossin on Life Matters this morning.

Ms McCrossin is interviewing Debbie Kilroy, the head harridan of Sisters Inside, a lobby that works on the assumption that sisters inside prison should all be outside.

'What about punishment?' feeds McCrossin.

Not possible, says Kilroy, until power and income are re-distributed. We need to destroy the 'prison-industrial complex' of correctional institutions, transnational corporations, media conglomerates, prison officer unions, and all their political, legal and court fronts. At present punishment is determined by race and class.

You won't be very surprised at that, I suspect. The standard all-embracing conspiracy theory of the anarchist left. Debbie has not only spent a few years on the inside of Queensland's prisons, she's also been the inmate of a social welfare faculty at an Australian university.

But then McCrossin lets the cat out of the bag as she tries to draw Debbie's rant to a close.

'I understand what you're saying' she says. 'Our listeners will too, because they're listening to Radio National and know about structural causes'.

So there you go. Radio National as a service to the anarchist left, according to a ten-hours a week presenter.

Perhaps Biff should insist she speak in Arabic. Then he could deny she said it, without looking like a complete dill.