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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

First you go on voting for Alison Broinowski to get a Ronnie Award for National Defamation, despite the superior claims of the winner, Henry Reynolds.

Can't you tell the difference between Olympic standard self-promotion, the principal achievement of the mini-talented Ms Broinowski, and the real, popular mind-bending genius of Professor Reynolds?

As one more serious commentator observed, Broinowski is "a woman who believes beer is a root cause of terrorism".

Unless I get a damn good reason, it's goodbye to ABCwatch democracy on the subject!

And now reader PW finds these next two statements, from a recent Max-weird McCutcheon mini-rant on Australia Talks Back, offend his sense of consistency:

The Tampa Crisis which so divided the nation ...

... Polls showed the government's position was supported by almost 80% of the population.

A division is a division, PW. If everyone in this country but Lord Bob-Brown agreed on it, it would still be a division. And he'd probably win the Division in the Senate.