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Thursday, March 18, 2004
THE GOOD BUNYIP has found someone desperate enough to transcribe Late Night Live, and is therefore able to bring you the words of one of the Gastropod's weirder stroke-pals, John Galtung.

Galtung: I don't know how you can talk about the Sari night club and the 12th of July (sic)...and not mention a word about Australian pedophiles operating in Bali, and what that might have meant for the people in that blessed island...

Galtung: Osama bin Laden is more intellectual [than Howard]. He has more knowledge in his speech, if I may say so...I haven't heard one intellectual point from Mr Howard or Mr Downer.

And so on.

What made this particular slurp-up worth a listen, for those with band-width, is the unusual pairing, unusual for LNL that is, of Galtung with the relatively sane Michael Costello, whose droll amazement at the Galtung lunacies interrupt the usual engorging adoration of the Gastropod.

Galtung is a founder of the Oslo Peace Research Institute, confirming all your prejudices about the politically pacifist.

Listening (Monday March 15) is a pleasure I recommend only to a mature audience.