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Thursday, March 11, 2004

John Pilger's utterances are the political equivalent of farting in company. Certain to gain attention, equally certain to create contention, and we can be confident that no-one present leaves the occasion any the wiser.

TONY JONES: John Pilger, do you still maintain that the world depends on what you call "the Iraqi resistance" to inflict a military defeat on the coalition forces?

JOHN PILGER: Well, certainly, historically, we've always depended on resistances to get rid of occupiers, to get rid of invaders.

And what we have in Iraq now is I suppose the equivalent of a kind of Vichy Government being set up.

And a resistance is always atrocious, it's always bloody.

It always involves terrorism.

You can imagine if Australia was occupied by the Japanese during the Second World War the kind of resistance there would have been, and so on.

So, what if the occupiers are organising a democratic constitution, to be followed by free elections for the next government? Like the allies in Germany after Hitler was deposed.

JOHN PILGER. The CIA are training these people to actually put the finger on who the resistance are, so you have - what you have going on in Iraq now is a kind of re-Nazification, the same sort of thing that went on in Germany after the Second World War.

TONY JONES: On that score, let me ask you this - is it legitimate for the resistance then to target young Iraqi men queuing up to join the Iraqi police, which you describe as a sort of Gestapo?

JOHN PILGER: You know, all resistances have said if you're going to collaborate, then you are a target.

Well, of course, the killing of innocent people can't be condoned under any circumstances.

But in all resistances, it happens.

If it weren't for Pilger, there would still be people claiming that the anti-American left were reasonable human beings.

With John Pilger there is a simple test.

If you can swallow Pilger, you are suffering a severe moral defect. You are not favouring a balance of power, you are in favour of any monstrosity that opposes US power.