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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
WHO WOULDN'T BE TIRED of Kezza's vanity?

Reader RA draws attention to this outburst by Auntie's most important journalist, Kerry O'Brien:

On Thursday (19.02) night as part of your intro to your fireside chat with Latham you said: "Mr O'Leary subsequently advised me Mr Howard had declined the interview because he'd been on our program last week and he was too tired to come on tonight".

I heard it too. Because I didn't hear the next day that O'Leary had been sacked I assumed that Kezza was making it up.

As he undoubtedly was when he reported that Howard, by not coming on his programme, was guilty of censorship.

The eyes of the people, the ears of the people and the mind of the people. Our Kezza.

RA, you should be grateful.