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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
UNCLE LOVES CHUBBY GIRLS and is therefore a fan of Ms Indira Naidoo.

She also has brains enough to extract a few hundred thou out of Auntie for reading someone else's scripts.

Do you think this delightful cherub could be tempted by an over-weight, over-age, under-exercised man married to an under-brained loud-mouth of left-wing prejudices?

Neither do I.

On the other hand she can, so I am told, be tempted into dropping her comic knickers on the Glass House, that refuge of the studiously unfunny, when WMDs come up for a sniggering.

I wish I had heard it. I just love girls being really, really, stupid.

Especially when they're sober. Just imagine what they'd do after one of Uncle's You Thought It Was a Health Drink specials!