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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
I WISH YOU COULD RE-VISIT TONIGHT'S 7.30 REPORT, but you can't yet, so don't hit this link unless you think your Uncle a liar, or you've fallen behind in your reading.

You would have seen Lexy Downer beat Kerry (world's best coiffure) O'Brien catatonic with nothing more lethal than a limp wrist and a few arguments.

Then again, all Kerry had to attack with was bluster and the usual erroneous claims about the illegal, unjustified, etc, etc removal of the left's latest pal, Saddam Hussein.

O'Brien ended the encounter spluttering, while Lexy signed off with an air of slightly injured reasonableness.

Not many Ministers deserve more than the basic wage, but at his best our Alex is one of them.