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Wednesday, February 18, 2004
AUNTIE'S ETHNIC COUSIN, SBS, used to run propaganda for the Stalinists from Hanoi.

Auntie herself is classier. She runs ten year old travelogues, as reader CR gently pointed out to her:

Do you realise that you are running a view of Vietnam from way back in 1994? That country and its tourist industry have advanced dramatically during that period. Hanoi, for example, is less and less “a city of bicycles” but a modern and thriving metropolis, full of restaurants and boutiques. And with rare exceptions, hotels at all levels are clean and functional – not that sad example in the travelogue.

He didn't tell me where to find it, but do you really want to know?

I'm not so sure I'm with CR on this one:

I’ll say one thing about Local ABC radio here, Radio 612. They sure don’t take themselves so bloody seriously as down in Sydney. Why have a blowfly political pundit when you can get an astrologer in to predict the future?

Here's one really good pundit. The best polemic combines passion with argument, and you'll find that here and here.