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Tuesday, February 17, 2004
AT LEAST WE KNOW HOW Biffer Balding is going to spend this lot.

The ABC is calling for an extra $8 million in funding from this year's Federal Budget. The corporation's managing director, Russell Balding, has told a Senate estimates committee in Canberra the ABC is facing rising cost pressures.

Here's where it's going:

Labor's Sue Mackay asked the Mr Balding to clarify whether the corporation had spent $7.6 million on travel over two years.

Overseas trips for executives have been heavily scrutinised, with travel bills of more than $100,000 for some department heads.

Here's Biffer's explanation:

Mr Balding told the committee all overseas travel is justified and 80 per cent is directly related to program production.

He means buying stuff from the BBC.

If you thought that salespeople for programming no-one else wants to buy should visit the customer, and not the other way round, think again.